In order to maintain the same elasticity and color as the bikini in the next summer, the daily maintenance is very important. The following are the points that should be paid attention to in the daily maintenance of the bikini. To extend the life of your bikini, you may follow do.

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1.Cleaning of bikini swimwear

Because the bikini swimsuit is in direct contact with the skin, you must pay special attention when washing: the water temperature must not exceed 20 degrees, because of the special nature of the swimsuit fabric, too high water temperature will damage the fabric, which will cause aging and lose elasticity; add a little neutral lotion to soak 10 Wash hands after minutes. Do not use washing powder, bleach, etc. Do not use machine wash and spin dry. After washing, dry in the shade and do not expose to sunlight.

2.Wearing a bikini swimsuit

There are chemicals in both the seawater and the water in the swimming pool, and the sunscreen we rub on, which will damage the elasticity of the swimsuit, so we must wear a swimsuit and then apply sunscreen. After swimming, we should rinse our body and then take off. swimsuit. Before entering the water, wet the swimsuit with water to reduce the damage to the swimming pool or the sea. For more bikini products, please visit our website

3. Storage of bikini swimsuits

Don’t think that you only need to put your bikini swimsuit in the bag. In fact, this is a great damage to them. Ventilation and ventilation should be kept away from chemicals, such as cosmetics, laundry detergents, etc., to avoid aging the bikini or swimwear fabric caused by sunlight. It is recommended to use a storage box to store the bathing suit. Keep the cup and the bathing suit separately. This can prevent the cup from being squeezed and deformed. It is better to keep some ventilation and dry in the storage box.

Bikini or swimwear has high elasticity. In order to maintain this performance, it should be stored away from chemicals, such as cosmetics and laundry detergents. Avoid sunlight and lead to aging of bikini or swimwear fabrics during storage. It is recommended to also use a storage box to store the swimsuit. Do not allow the bikini cup to be squeezed and deformed. Keep it dry and dry. Put some desiccant in the storage box. 

Post time: Apr-15-2020